elvington lake 23/2/02 [:(]

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les middy

Jan 2, 2002
met up with Trev started off blowing a blizzard but hardy souls we are got set up and waited and waited and waited still now't highlight
of the day Trev steped in a pile of sloppy dog do-da all over his boots but good company will let Trev fill the rest in



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Aug 8, 2001
Well Les, I didn't think anyone would venture out today but now you've prooved me wrong

Never mind when the weather picks up I'll meet you both there and we'll have a good session followed by the customary de-briefing in the local. Isn't dog doo supposed to be lucky



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Aug 8, 2001
I bet he did and curse as well, lol



05/10/01 - 18/10/02
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Oct 5, 2001
What Me? Never said a word, With my Luck grateful to have not fallen in it!
Well!, Her Indoors doesnt let me use the fridge, so as I struggled up the path from the shed at 6.30 am. in a howling gale with the maggots, I cursed my promise to fish today.
As I opened the car door, the mobile went and I picked it up blearily
"Now then " said Les "Its snowing like hell here"
"What are you saying" I said, perhaps a bit too eagerly
"Im saying nowt" he replied, "Im halfway there, see you later" and the phone went dead!

Wistfully, looking up at the bedroom window, where condensation betrayed the fact of inside warmth!, I almost spitefully revelled in the fact that my wife was working on the 1.00 oclock shift and would therefore have to get up before 12.00!!

A617, M1, M18, A1M and an unrelieved flow of blocked road reports, accidents, snow squalls, helicopter rescues!! What was I doing?

At Knottingley, It came home even more.
Overtaking a slowcoach on the way to Selby, I quickly discovered why he was slow.
Braking approaching a roundabout, I lost control,and skidded 100 yards before regaining the wheel!
Thus I slowed down and it was almost 5 to 8am, when I turned right at Escrick off the A19 towards Elvington.
Reasoning that Les would be impatiently waiting for Stan to open up at 8.00 and none to impressed by me arriving late, I picked up the mobile.

"Ill be with you in about 5 minutes, Les" I said, as I heard him answer.
The reply was somewhat surprising!
"Uhhh , exactly where is this lake" he said, "Is it near the Airfield?"
"What Airfield?" I stuttered, having only ever once been to the Lake, after dark and coming from a completely different direction.
"Its on the Elvington/Wheldrake road, Cant miss it, wrought Iron Gates and a Lake!!!"
"Oh OK" said Les "See you" and again the phone went dead.

Turning left in Wheldrake, I passed Raker Lake, rounded a bend and drew up in front of Stans main entrance in front of the gates.
No Les!

The time was 8.02, so I hadnt really needed to phone, but I reasoned that if he was some 20 miles away at 6.30, he would have been bored waiting by now!

By 8.25 I was bored waiting and also a gallon of Diesel down! Running the engine was necessary in the howling gale, to keep warm!

Phoning again, "Where are you?" I said "I cant find the Bloody place" He replied, "How do you get there?"

The only way I could think of was to direct him back to the pub in Elvington and then by back tracking from memory, get him to turn right and follow the road straight to me.

At 8.45, Les drew up having at last located my car, placed fairly conspicuously, nose in , sticking almost out onto the road, in front of the only 50 metre long Wrought Iron Fence for miles, with a Bloody great lake behind it!.

We shook hands and then I opened the gate and Les followed me onto the Car Park.

Just as we got there, the most horrendous snow squall hit us, the wind increased, the snow horizontally drove on to the window, obscuring everything and defeating the comparatively feeble efforts of the wipers and alarmingly Les,s car started rocking violently!

I peered through the side window and quickly understood the problem! Len was laughing uncontrollably at the sight of 2 grown men, having overcome all navigational and travel problems, expecting to FISH in this.
Collapsing in a heap myself, I recognised a kindred spirit and knew the day would get better.
The weather seemed to realise that it could not beat us, the snow ceased , the sun came out and although the wind never really gave up all day, we had sun for 90% of the day and no more snow!

Walking a short distance to the peg, we initially set up an ingenious wind shelter/half bivvy of Les,s and 1 Umbrella and secured these to trees. They proved to be Ace for all our time there.
One other intrepid Angler was already on the Lake and Les went and discovered that he had taken a Chub and a small carp.
Encouraged, I set up my Rod Pod and 2 Carp rods, whilst eyeing a swim under a half fallen tree, to the extreme right of the swim.

Les chose a feeder set up and also produced a float rod with a long waggler, which he cast out to about 5 metres.

Stan came to visit and told us that the other Angler had just landed a 13lb carp and Les went to investigate, which was when I discovered Id forgotten to bring my bite alarms and would have to rely on drop-offs only DOH!
I finally set up as follows,
Rod 1 method feeder, Tutti-Fruitti small boilie,10 hook,corn and koi pellets in groundbait.
Rod 2 running feeder, loaded with chopped worm and Squatt, 2 red maggots on 14 hook.
With Les on corn on his feeder and Worm on the float, I reasoned the fish would choose their favourite for our Bagging Up! Session to start.

It must have been 11.00 before everything was cast and settled and I then took a quick walk to our fellow brave man and discovered that his total had been added too, by another small carp.
He was fishing 6 hooks with pop up blackcurrant boilies and using small stringer samples! Totally different to us!

Back at our swim, I set up the float rod with a 3AA Waggler and braving the elements, I fished under the branches of the half fallen tree, with red maggor on a 20 hook and catapult feeding (None too accurately in that damn wind) 10-20 squatts every 5 minutes.

At about 12.30 after an hour of this, with much adjusting of depths, much cursing of wet freezing line, no feeling in either hand and a tendency to slip into imaginary conversation with an imaginary, but decidedly worried looking Brass Monkey! I made my way back to the bivvy.

Les, Bless him had from somewhere produced a gas FIRE and it was great to sit in the warmth.

Neither Les, nor I had seen a single touch from our efforts, but rebaiting, we recast and fell to chatting away and changing the world as normal.

At about 1.30, I gave in and switched my 2 Carp rods to the same method as the lone catcher!, although he had no other fish since 11 Oclock and no more came.
I used a tutti frutti on rod 1 and a Squid boilie on rod2, together with 4 free offerings of each on PVA strings.

With no runs by 3.15 and partially deaf now from the unceasing wind, I reeled in to discover the awful truth!
The water was so Bloody cold, that my stringers were undissolved and still mounted on the hooks!
I have used the same string before, but never at these temperatures obviously.
Reasoning that they must be at least partially dissolved and better than the new ones I had prepared, I recast and went back to our shelter.

Les and I continued to chat and took pleasure in feeding maggots to a Robin, Wren and a particularly tame, but decidedly lonely Chaffinch!
The only bird we didnt like was a patrolling seagull that appeared to be regularly diving and picking up very small fish! Envy probably!

Finally, at about 4.20, Les suggested we call it a day, to which I agreed.
Packing up , I discovered 1 stringer had dissolved, but left a mucus like covering on the hook, the other still intact!. Remind me to use finer gauge string in Arctic conditions!

I resolved to move everything to just behind my peg and bring the car down the gravel path to collect.
"Just as long as you dont try and turn it" Les growled "Im not towing you out"!
It was then that I stood in the Dogshit, which somehow seemed to make his day!

Les had promised his wife a night out, so we parted with promises to meet again and set off home.

I didnt realise just how tiring the wind and cold had been, until pulling in to the Woodhall Services as my eyes seemed incapable of staying open at 80mph.
It was about 6.00 pm when I stopped and 8.15 when I awoke freezing in the Car Park!

Les, great crack and thanks for the shelter,
Look forward to the next time.


Les and the wonderful Bivvy!

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