Elvington Fishin ?

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david platt

Jan 27, 2002
I Thought that Elvington was a fishin whereby we could also raise
funds for Macmillan Cancer Relief, I have just got back
and switched on the PC, after reading some comments on
the event I am not sure that was the case.
I came away from Evington thinking I had had a wonderful weekend
fishing and meeting other MaggotDrowners, having a drink & a chat
& raising some funds, but, I feel I have had a rollicking for not raising enough funds!
I know I did not raise the most by a longway but I certainly
dont need anyone to tell me how to raise funds!
Yes I am upset, I think Elvington was a resounding success for Dave & Stu & Mcmillan Cancer Relief. Iam not a professional fund raiser and I never want to be but, I will help, I will not be told, I hope you will take this as a constructive comment.
If Elvington is to be turned into a ( best fund raisers) invitation
event then I will not be attending, I am sorry if this post upsets anyone but this is how some comments on the post!s came across to me.


Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001

You in fact raised more than I did. I don't think there was a slur against those who had booked and had raised money, I think the dig was at those who normally used the park and paid for tickets to fish for the weekend, just to fish at night. They made no effort to raise funds at all.

I have only asked trev for some ideas because I would like to raise more. Like you I am not interested in it being a "raise so much or you can't come" event. I thoroughly enjoyed it as it was last weekend.

I am sure if we raised 5000 every time that in itself would be good, but groups are always after "continual improvement" (to use an ISO Quality expression).

It was a pleasure to meet you again, and to meet Barb for the first time. May we do it again soon.

Take care mate, regards to you and Barbs

thumbsup.gif Geoff

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Nov 4, 2001
Dave, I agree with you entirely. You put my feelings about the weekend over perfectly. Apart from the fishing fee I raised exactly zero. The reason, well I wasnt going till I had my arm twisted approx 10/12 days before the event. The pride I felt to be told that MD had raised over 5000 was incredably. To be a part of that was great.

There is no need for criticism. I am sure that everyone did there bset and thats all we can ask for

chill out go fishing


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Oct 5, 2001
Thanks for your honest comments and I am sorry that my post came over that way to you.

Firstly, let me make absolutely plain that I have no inkling at all how much anyone other than myself raised!
Certainly Dave would A) never be asked by me an
B) reveal it if asked by anyone.
As I pointed out, simple maths gave me an average.
I tried to use the word constructive several times, as I still feel that Daves efforts could have been rewarded much more and that taking 1 big effort per year, would enable an enjoyable day for us to be shared by the less well off, whichever charity chosen,to a greater extent.
AND for us to relax at the smaller fish-ins, knowing our efforts will be more effectively co-ordinated at the big one!
Remember, our ticket cost was only 20 and we got night fishing thrown in!
It would have cost us nearly that to fish Elvington for 2 days and we wouldnt have night fished, so it's a splendid opportunity.

It is also more satisfying when your efforts are responded to successfully and I remember the pleasure I had in sharing your delighted post very early on David, when you reported being pleased to find that your colleagues had raised 112.00 almost overnight?

If I can help anyone, the offer is still open whilst I am able.
It was never an obligatory item!

As to you joining at such short notice, well done John! You saved having a blank peg, unlike some of the celebrity's and therefore contributed!
Again, the circumstances were totally different, so how can it be possible to relate to?

Geoff, I saw Angler mark today at our match and he immediately donated the line and hooks in his raffle prize to hold for you if needed, plus a further donation to Macmillans in cash, which I will forward to Dave.
He wished that he had known about it earlier.

As someone pointed out, Macmillans this morning were 5k better off than they would have been had we not met and I agree whole heartedly and am grateful to all who contributed to that!

If I can help to make it 10k, I will be twice as grateful

and so will be the extra people we could help.



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Jan 19, 2002
Gents - I find myself in agreement with David Platt in that the tone of at least one other thread on this topic reads more like a bashing of many participants for not putting in enough than a congratulations to all who helped raise the outstanding sum of 5000.

Also, for any reading the threads who isn't familiar with all the players and the circumstances, it gets a bit confusing - and offers a suggestion that any who aren't familiar with all the ins & outs maybe doesn't belong on MD. That may not be the intent but it certainly helps lend a somewhat clickish flavour to the bbs.

Lastly - I'm a huge fan of hospice treatment for terminally ill folks. Both my inlaws went to cancer and both had opted for home treatment which was made possible by the US hospice program (very, very similar to what your McMillan folks do). Our programs are all pretty well funded since it is much cheaper for hospitals and insurance companies if people opt to die at home with dignity rather than in a hospital where costs are horrible and the end result is the same. So, had I known any specifics, I'd have been happy to put up some money. However, I don't get any of the publications you bashed for posting too little information too late and certainly don't remember reading all the details on here. Now I admit I was basically absent from the bbs for a week or two but still... And there may well have been others in similar ignorance for any of a number of reasons.

Newt Vail

david platt

Jan 27, 2002
Hi Geoff
The point I was trying to get across was that we all had a brillient weekend, the weekend was a fish in First & a fund raiser second I think we all did a great job of raising 5,000 between us & Ziptrev
raiseing 500 on his own was outstanding but,for him to post that we could have done more is not what I would have expected anyone to have said, it just took the edge off a brill weekend for me.
Barb says Hi it was nice to have met you
Hope to see you soon Geoff

Hi Trev
Iam sure that everyone who raised funds for this weekend did their
upmost to raise as much as possible and would have been dissapointed
if they thought they had not raised enough, I have just finished
34yrs of Fund raising & Charity work for the Royal British Legion
( unpaid )so I do know what it entails.
anyway Trev,Glad to have met you in person,look after yourself
see you at the next one

Thanks for your comments & nice to have met you

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