Elton Farm Lakes

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Jul 1, 2009
Elton farm lakes
16 Fished match lake
1st Steve Bee 160 pound peg 29
2nd Andy Salcombe 150 pound peg 30
3rd Graham Hurcombe 125 pound peg 35
4th Dale Malpass 116 pound peg 3
5th Steve Evans 104 pound peg 24
6th Jason Wellington 94 pound peg 41
As you can see very good weights there is a teams of 4 match comming up if anyone intrested the worst weight weighed in was 60 pound

Elton farm carp lakes teams of four
Hi if anyone is intrested there is going to be a teams of four match held on
www.eltonfarm-leisure.co.uk/ ELTON FARM LAKES . Cost will be 80 per team idealy need about 15 teams if you are intrested please pm myself or call CHRIS GARDENER 07720549954 The date for the match is 26/09/10.
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