Eleven out of Ten Daiwa!

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05/10/01 - 18/10/02
In Memoriam
Oct 5, 2001
You may remember that I reported a split in my light feeder rod during my recent 'Trout' worming excursions.

The rod was my 1st purchase last October when I returned to fishing.
A 9ft light 'winkler' bomb rod, 2 piece with a built in quiver tip. Inexpensive, deliberately,as I was uncertain just as to how long I would be able to use it, I paid some 21.95.

I don't remember actually using it until the close season started, but it had a lovely action for rolling a bomb down the Derwent nd the Dove and caught all those trout I described, plus the Chub day!
However, it was this day that caused its downfall, as the tip ring came loose and the quiver split for about 3" from where the tip ring was lost!
Dave kindly found me the Scottish Service Centres Number and via E-Mail, I informed Helen of Daiwa's Customer Services Centre.
She informed me that this model (SGEL-9QTA)was
a) not a UK product
b)some years out of production! (Thank you shop)
c)obselete, with no spares!
However, she asked me to return it, which I did last wednesday, 1st Class postage at 4.94 and wondered whether I was simply wasting more money!

On Friday, I received a letter from Daiwa, a simple acknowledgement of receipt.

Therefore, you will imagine I was delighted to find on my return from East Anglia tonight, that in my abscence I had been sent a Brand new model VLXL120QT DAIWA rod.
This model is the middle one of 3 that Daiwa now do, A 3 piece feeder rod, the Vulcan Graphite, with 3 Quiver tips, a housing section in the butt, for the 2 not in use, a screw in reel housing (lacking on the returned rod)and altogether a much more versatile 12' feeder rod, that will be eminently suitable for the fishing I do.

I looked on Bennetts site and found them priced at 61.99 and although I am sure can be found cheaper, am quite content that they are more than double the value of my returned product.

So for speed, no fuss and sheer good service, I would like to express my appreciation and suggest that my experience may help others as this type of service should always be a factor in a buying decision!



Ziptrev pug_e0.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!
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