Education classes on BBC


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Jun 6, 2005

BBC TV is to help children keep up with their studies during the latest lockdown by broadcasting lessons on BBC Two and CBBC, as well as online.
Schools have been closed to most children across the UK as part of tougher measures to control Covid-19.
The BBC will show curriculum-based programmes on TV from Monday.
They will include three hours of primary school programming every weekday on CBBC, and at least two hours for secondary pupils on BBC Two.

I'm all in favour of this, and reminds me of the good old days when the OU programs where on TV, I watched them, enjoyed them, they expanded my interest, as I hope some of these secondary classes might. At least I shall watch - just hope we can get the grandson and granddaughter to do the same. I think the nation lost a valuable service when we lost the free OU programs.