Ebay Payment


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Jan 19, 2013
I knew they stopped paying into paypal, instead into bank accounts to prevent fraud.
This delayed paying thing sounds like a cashflow / revenue generator - IE making interest for 21 days using other peoples cash. Also holding cash assets may boost share price šŸ˜


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Jul 6, 2021
The problem is until the money is in your bank/hands you still have not been paid and there is little you can do if the buyer opens a dispute even after receipt in order to prevent ebay from giving a refund. They're pro buyer not pro seller in most instances where disputes are concerned.
There are many honest buyers out there but enough dishonest ones who know the resolution procedures
Very true, there's also little you can do even when the money is in your hands. Sold an item recently, posted but didn't get chance to mark as shipped due to family emergency. Buyer opened a dispute after 4 days not received. Anyway I updated the mark as shipped, added tracking and item was delivered a day later. Buyer left the case open and eBay refunded them the cash. Even when I appealed their decision with the item showing as delivered in their own item tracking and sent screen shots of the DHL delivered status which included a photo of the item confirming delivery Ebay still came back and said they found their original decision to refund was correct and the case was now closed.

eBay can be great for getting the best price on certain items you sell but if a buyer wants to scam you you're on your own.