EBay issue


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Dec 29, 2011
Had a similar thing a week or two ago. Buyer said he didn't get it, tracking showed it was delivered and signed for, he opened a case with eBay, but they found in my favour as it showed it had been signed for. I think RM dropped a clanger as the postie signed for it himself by the looks of it, told the buyer he posted it, but it was a parcel which wouldn't have gone through a letter box. It sounded like the postie had previous for similar, RM are now looking into it as I lodged a complaint. Hopefully I will get reimbursed by RM and then refund the buyer. I'm surprised eBay found against you. As for freezing your account, I never had that but funds were on hold until the eBay case was resolved.
Maybe frozen was the wrong word. Funds held, as you said, might be better wording.