Early onset of winter @ Angel of the North


Aug 26, 2020
My session on Tuesday 3/11/20. After some superb carp fishing at the Angel since 1st lockdown ended, I decided to have a complete change of tack and have a go for the roach and skimmers in Bowes lake ( peg 36 ). Believing it would be a lot more challenging, I scaled everything down a bit due to much cooler weather ( 3c at 9am, and 8c when I packed up at 3.15pm, with a strengthening cool wind, following on from plenty of rain in recent days ). Fished pole top 4 with 4x14 float slightly overdepth and size 16 hook straight in front of me on 1st line, alternating single or double red maggot on the hook and worm tipped with maggot. 2nd line was tight to right hand margin 3 sections out in about 18 ins of water, using tiny float with 1 no 8 shot on line and a single red maggot threaded on a size 18 hook. Fed 1st line with a couple of small balls of krill groundbait with a little bit of crushed hemp and coriander powder added, topping up occasionally, and fed margin line with 4 or 5 maggots little and often. Just kept alternating between the 2 lines and was surprised fish kept coming all session, with only the odd short quiet spell. Ended with 50 odd roach to 1lb, 20 odd skimmers to 1lb, a handful of ide and small perch and 2 dozen carp ( biggest weighed 8lb 6oz ). This lake has a big reputation for its incredible carp fishing ( and rightly so ) but it was very enjoyable to target and catch other species that dont usually get much of a look in, as the weather cools. Looking forward to having a crack at a bit of groundbait feeder fishing when the weather gets a bit colder still.
20201103_093910.jpg 20201103_133304.jpg 20201103_090416.jpg