Dying in the desert


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Jun 25, 2018
An englishman irishman and scotsman are walking through the desert. The englishman says ok chaps, there is a good chance that we all might die out here, so we are going to make a pact that we are all going to stick to. When we die we will all be buried face down in the sand to stop the buzzards pecking out your eyes. Everyone agrees to this.
The englishman dies first so paddy and jock dig a shallow grave for him and bury him face down in the sand. Jock dies next so paddy digs a shallow grave and burries him face down in the sand. Then he thinks there is no one left to bury me, well I don't feel so cleaver so I'll make a start now. He digs himself a shallow grave lies in it face down and covers himself as best as he can with sand. A few hours later an arab come trotting past on his camel and sees paddys arse sticking out of the sand. He jumps off his camel pulls paddys trousers and pants down and starts to rodger him from behind. Just then he hears paddys voice from under the sand say, you can peck all you like your not getting my eyes.