Dunwear Ponds, Bridgwater,

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Jun 11, 2008
Arrived this morning at about 0545 to find my fav spot taken. Oh dear (or words to that affect)says I. Tried another peg and started putting in groundbait via large feeder for half an hour. Just started fishing for real and the wind gets up right in my face and couldn't get out to bait, so said sod this and moved to an unfancied peg, but one that was comfortable. (It was a pleasure trip).
First cast 1lb Bream, second 2 1/2 Tench, a blank 3/4 hour, and then a great surprise 11 lb mirror. I was fishing a 6lb mainline through a middy shotgun feeder with a 3.2 lb 4 inch hooklength to a 16 pr36 barbless. Took 35 mins to coax it in, but finally managed it. Took another few bream over the rest of the day to finish with 10 bream plus the tench and carp.
To round it all off the bailiff came round just as I was finishing and said no one else had more than 3 fish and nothing big.
Tried to attach photo but apparently too big. (the photo not the fish)
Off to bed tonight a happy man.
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