Dunham Fishery

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Ivan heaphurst

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Aug 19, 2006
Ended up at this little commercial after a look at the Weaver(Coloured like chocolate)yesterday24th. Never fished here before but was pleasantly surprised by what was on offer. Firstly there were no manicured lawns down to the water, I always feel that I am being pampered fishing off a bowling green. Secondly the water itself was naturalised by loads of Reedmace in the edge and was a good depth of water, so there was something to get your teeth into.
Anybody that knows me will know that I do not fish a pole. Strictly a waggler man, it's what I enjoy. This did not put me at a disadvantage at Dunham. Fishing close in and on to the far side, there was no peg opposite me, I caught the usual collection of F1 Hybrid carp, plus an assortment of roach,crucians, tench and a solitary chub. Baits varied between maggot, corn and pellet, yes even I can fish pellet.
Enjoyed it immensely and while I will not be back every week I will certainly be back at some time.
Not open for further replies.