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Simon Walsh

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Jan 24, 2005
Fished Copper Beach peg 16 started across at 13 metres micros and 4mm expander then switching to banded 4mm hard pellet. RW Muddie .4 float at just over 2ft depth. Caught steady Roach, Skimmers and F1’s but not going daft. All the time I was feeding 4mm hard pellet at Top 2 plus 2.
After about 2 hours started shallow at about 2ft deep 6mm banded pellet, started catching F1’s around 2.5lb straight away, after about a dozen fish they disappeared.
Set another shallow rig up about 14 inches again 6mum but feeding 4mm. Caught some cracking F1’s up to 4.5lb. Carried on catching nearly every put in, had to feed then slap to keep them coming. Really enjoyable day.