Drowning whilst fishing

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Aug 8, 2001
Hi all,

A bit of a somber note, yet again another angler has drowned whilst fishing, this time in Scotland See Here

Don't take risks whilst fishing especially on swollen rivers or whilst in a boat, use common sense and make sure that you are not exposing yourself to risks, above all remember alcohol and water don't mix. Alcohol impairs judgment, balance and coordination not ot mention the body's ability to stay warm.

And before any says "It's all right, I can swim", have you ever tried swimming in layers of clothes, in your wellies or waders after falling in?

There are various bouyancy aids around if you're not sure, take a look at http://www.lifejackets-uk.co.uk/ for example.

Anyway, it's just a concern of mine and I'm not on a preaching mission, it's just that we don't want to read about you one day

Regards, Dave

(ps The link isn't an endorsement of Lifejackets-uk, its just one that we found for different styles of jackets available)


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Jan 24, 2002
ihave to agree with dave iwould say dont drink whilst fishing or going fishing I have had the unfortunate job to go in & GET SOMEONE OUT OF THE RIVER NENE AT PETERBOROUGH after they fell asleep on thier seatbox after a couple of cans during a night session luckily he was OK but it could have been worse
As you have all probably gathered i do like a drink or three or more of the blackstuff but ill allways wait till after the fishing

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Jan 19, 2002
And if you do get a lifejacket (which I highly recommend if you are going in a boat or like to get drunk on the shore), you should very strongly consider one of the inflatable ones.

They are comfortable and not in the way at all. Not hot either. And in really cold weather, you can wear them under a large (and loose) jacket as they will have room to inflate.

The good ones (including the ones from the link posted above) will keep your head out of water even if you are not conscious. The auto-inflate ones are a little more expensive but IMO well worth it.

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