Drennan sherwood forest fishery one of the best fisheries in the uk


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Apr 24, 2018
i wieghed 115lb and finished 7th i think and got a thanks for coming ,dont think these fish have any idea that we are in late october

Sunday Open 24/10/21
Holmedale Lake
21 Fished
1st Danny Harding peg 27, 233-10-0
2ndWill Evans peg 34, 218-0-0
3rd Mick Langton peg 31, 207-12-0
4th Lee Parker peg 32, 150-12-0
5th Nigel Shipman peg 21, 143-0-0
6th Ben Checkley peg 36, 140-6-0
The same top 3 has Wednesday but totally different weights, with 10 weights over the ton including three weights over 200lb. In top spot again Danny alternated between the feeder and pellet wag cast to the lily pads at peg 27 and the pole and pellet out at 14m + corn in the margin he was kept busy all match catching carp – 8lb and finishing with 233lb 10oz. In 2nd place Will fished the pole and pellet out at 13m and short on the top 2 +2 finishing with a level 218lb.