Drennan 16m DRX Logic Pole


Mar 28, 2007
One for sale on the auction site.

Can anyone add anything to this, is it a silvers pole (seller seems to describe as so) but others seem suggest it is better suited to commercials.

I'm making a comeback from not course fishing for a while and looking at options. I've a Lerc 5050 13m pole (20 years old but is ok at 11.5m) and wondered whether it would be an improvement (i.e fish-able at or greater than 13m). I fish rivers, canals and still-waters but tend not to fish commercials for carp very much. Guess my preferred pole would be silvers oriented perhaps up to an all-rounder. Think the power kits on current are rated to 16 though pretty sure i've never used above 12/14.

Not much cash to spare at present but the Lerc is a bit of a handful @ 13m although on the books it is quite light for what is an old and inexpensive pole (840+- grams at 13). I know weight isn't everything...

If there are any other useful suggestions on decent 2nd hand poles that come up reasonably often, that would be appreciated.


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Apr 22, 2014
if your going down the second hand route , I would stay welll clear of the Drennan , it’s quite old and if a section needed replacing you would struggle for definite,