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Jul 4, 2019
I needed to get up to go the toilet last night and being half asleep for some reason I took all of the coats I have hung over a hook near the door and laid them neatly on the floor.

I was trying to 'catch a rig' I could be sure was there as I was 'whip fishing'. I remember being desperate for the loo and thinking, I know I'm only using 0.10 mainline but it shouldn't be that difficult to find my rig. Ended up turning the light on and going to the loo but not before all my jackets were on the floor.

Not sure it's entirely worth a thread but made me laugh when I woke up this morning and realised what I'd gone and done. Anyone have dreams like that or do stupid stuff in the night?

Brian the Fish

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Jul 26, 2003
I used to work out of town with a chap, Stuart, who used to sleepwalk.
At that time we used to have to share a room in hotels.
On one occasion he was sharing with a fellow pipe-fitter, Paul.
When Stuart walked into the dining/breakfast room in the morning a woman at a nearby table shouted "that's him, that's him".
It seems he'd walked into their room and tried to climb into bed with her and her husband.
The next night Paul locked the bedroom door and removed the key, in the morning Stuart's car keys were in the door lock.
Stuart had no knowledge of either incident.


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Oct 26, 2004
Years ago I woke up to the sound of my younger brother's frightened voice calling "Help!" from downstairs.
I got up and went downstairs to see what was going on. When I opened the lounge door and put the light on,
there was my brother in his pyjamas, petrified.

It turns out he must have sleepwalked downstairs and into the lounge, closing the door behind him, but not switching on the light.
The he sleepwalked into the middle of the room ... and woke up!

Afterwards he said that from his point of view he went to sleep as usual, then woke up standing up in pitch darkness with no idea
where he was and couldn't feel anything around him. He was too scared to move.