Dorset stour sturminster newton


Fishing the stour dorset, most probably!
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Apr 13, 2020
With the river dropping back to a nice comfortable level I just had to get on it looked just about spot on but was it

All the flow is on the far side fancied a waggler under the tree for chub, so 14ft acolyte plus 3gram ng loaded wagler, hemp and caster had high hopes the fish had other ideas I did manage a 4oz golden rud from over there but nothing really happening.

Plan 2 after an hour or so 14ft acolyte ultra 4×10 allerton stick down the inside with some fluffy groundbait not balled in and no loose feed in it just hand squeeze so it let off a good cloud on the way down just feeding some caster and hemp over the top, and it was a bite a chuck alternating hook bait caster maggot n pinkies but a single red was best I did try hemp but nothing, got through a kilo of groundbait but alas as soon as the groundbait ended so did the bites, I could of done 2 or 3 kilos, im not sure where the better stamp fish were today ended up with 5-6 lb lovely days fishing a bonus fish would of been nice

Tried to put me golden rud at the top so I guess I'm an instant winner with a ginger one !
Viaduct tomorrow lord help me going to dig out some hooklenths stronger than .09.