Docklow Sunday 18th November

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Sep 20, 2001
Match Lake, Day ticket and Stock Pond - 52pegs

There was a good attendance for the sunday open with the Match lake, Day-ticket and Stock pond being used to accomodate all the anglers. The match was won by Giles Cochrane (Pill Angling) with 86lb 6oz from Dayticket peg 6 on the stumps on the noted chub peg. Giles drew the bonus peg so he decided to fish a positive approach with the waggler and corn. The Carp eventually turned up after two of hours continous feeding and stayed for the remainder of the match, kept interested by feeding one small tin of corn and a 3pints of caster.
He collected 145 plus the 500 bonus peg.

Second was Clive Wynne (Nomads) with 65lb 6oz and third from the Stock pond was Steve Wood with 59lb 4oz. Steve drew the island peg and caught carp steady throughout the match but lost 8 big carp on the pole.
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