Do not trust energy companies on changeover

Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001
I changed energy companies in March. My original company (Shell) wanted a silly amount in direct debit from 1 April with no fixed term tariff. Scottish Power offered me a fixed tariff over two years which I accepted, it would mean an expected rise in my direct debit but we both budget well and can afford it. Just drink less beer and eat less takeaways!!!! I did not expect a simple changeover especially where billing is involved.

I am quite canny and always work out my monthly bill once the readings are taken so I know exactly how much will be taken from the credit on the account.

I had the meter readings from Scottish Power from the date they started the supply of gas/electric and was waiting for a final bill from Shell. I was not surprised to find that Shell are trying to charge me for higher ending readings than the starting readings from Scottish Power. Does not seem a lot in units but in actual cash £10 is £10 too much to lose, especially to companies announcing profits in the high millions.

Scottish Power are adamant it is Shells fault, cannot get hold of Shell as their line is closed but that will be an interesting call tomorrow, and they owe me £61 the amount in credit.