Do fish like the bright warm weather, this one did.


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Jul 20, 2009
I fished the Wharfe at Tadcaster this morning, not been fishing there for some time. I arrived about 6.30, a couple of other chaps were unloading as I arrived. All the pegs above and below the town bridge were vacant. I had no idea where had been fishing so I dropped in a peg below the bridge.

I started with sweet corn and got a small chub, another was lost in a snag where I had already lost a hook. So I reduced my length of cast down the river. I tried pellet, just odd nibble. I then tried meat and the smaller fish were very active, knocking most of the time.

It had got to about 11.30 and the chippy in town was on my mind. The rod then bent and a fish shot off down the river, it had taken meat. It was quite a while before I saw the fish which was clearly a barbel or carp. The fish slid into my new net, ( I lost m/ old at Semerwater a few weeks earlier).


Having traveled light I had left my weigh scales in the car, so the only indication of the size of fish was the landing net, 35 inches across.

I had another hour then off to the chippy. The two chaps I had seen earlier seemed to have gone, a couple of other had arrived. I pint of larger shandy in the free house next to the bus station went down well, then to the chippy and had a fish cake. A great morning.

Keep out of the Angel & White Horse pub in town, you get slung out if you use your mobile phone in there, even for checking texts!!!

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