Division 3 disqualification

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brummie dave

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Aug 18, 2006
I wonder if anyone can throw any light on this matter.
An angler by the name of Steve Kelly, fishing for Prince Albert AS in this years Div 3, was disqualified, losing the 18 points he'd earned for his team.
I wonder if anyone knows him, and knows what happened.
A friend of mine suffered a similar fate a few years back, when he completely inadvertantly fished the wrong peg![:eek:)]
I do hope that this is something similar- a simple error, or possibly an admin problem- I really dn't think there's many anglers who would knowingly break the rules at such an event.
If it is a genuine mistake, my heart goes out to him- imagine what his team-mates must be doing to him!![:0]
I'd be interested to find out, as it lifted my team from an agonising 17th place, to an even more agonising 16th, just 4 points short of promotion!
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