Digital Cameras?

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Jan 12, 2003
I'm in the market for a digital camera.

I'm looking to pay around 200 but no more than 250.

Can anyone recommend one to me and, more importantly, tell me what I'm looking for?

The one that's caught my eye has 2 million pixels, 8mb card, moveie mode, and 3x optical zoom - 210.

There's another model for a similar price with 3x digital zoom - what's the difference?

Thanks, etc.


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Apr 12, 2002
Hi, B/Mags,
I've got a fuji digital and no probs,

zoom is being able to take a picture of a subject and make it look closer to you than it actually is,

optical zoom is when you look through the view-finder and use the zoom you can see the subject come closer, so you can see exactly the picture you're taking,
so a camera without optical zoom would have a fixed viewfinder,

to see what you're taking with digital zoom you need to have the LCD screen switched on the back of the camera and instead of looking through the viewfinder you look at the LCD screen and when you use the zoom you can see the subject on the screen,

there are few cameras in your price range with optical & digital zoom,

hope that makes sense so far [:)]

if you can think of a picture being made up of a series of little dots and the more dots there are the better the quality of the photo,
well the dots are called pixels,
2 M Pixels will give you good quality pictures and should be around 200 to go 3 Mpixels you'll need nearer 300,

an 8mb memory card will allow you to take up-to approx 20 good quality photos, if you want to take more pictures you can set the camera at a lower quality say to 1 Mpixels to allow more pictures,
memory cards like a film you can take out and put another one in when its full, so you might want to price an extra card when you buy the camera,

just one more thing digital cameras are heavy on battery power so check what type of batteries, you want re-charge-ables, and again price spare batteries,




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Nov 4, 2002
This site is very good for digital cameras. You can search on price range and has customer reviews for most cameras.

Lid [:)]
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