Diary of "A Black Dog"


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Apr 23, 2008
Hes been a poorly he has

kinda threw my normal jaunts out with him into the corner, My has sat there watching him, sleeping in his chair, groaning in his sleep, not knowing why hes been there when theres thingsa do, places ago

couldnt even jump up onto his comfy lap and give him a cuddle, poor old soul my man has been, sweating and shivering at the same time, hes gotta belly hurt, prob ate summat manky, cos he does that, eat manky things, things even I have to turn my nose up when he offers me them, scusting !

So its been Her thats been a taking me out, dont get me wrong, but it aint the same, I get put on the short lead and tugged along the road, no dawdling, sat sitting or owt, just on and on, up the tarmac road and round the blocks, shims never sure of me doing the come back, maybe shim should try it more

shims not like him, now him understands the seriousness of the "Sniff" to a wandering, he, thats him, will sit down on the stump and set me free for a running, I can go everywhere on the field, all I has to do, is pop my head up every now and then and he will still be there, waiting till Im ready, doing that fire breathing he does,

sometimes he shouts that "mere" and we wander along to another sitting spot, and he tells me "Gwan then" off to the bushes and long grass, in the mud and wet stuff, him dont care, though he barks naughty words when the path gets muddy deep,

Him knows the ways, my does too, I never loose him, him might be miles behind, but all I do is cock my ear for "bloody dog" and I know hims coming, sometimes we meets hims pack, proper mongrels that lot, all different dads by the look of em, is nice when my mates are with em, as we get aright old time while they growl and whine at each other, tis nice when we are down the fishy place, they sit awhile drinkin that funny water and we get bits from their plates and watch the boats and birds

we aint even beed to the fishin for a while, never been the like afore, we is always at the fishin,

Shims alright, always good for a stroking and a cuddle, but shim aint him,

Maybe him oughtta get to his vets more, getting himself fixed, my is missing him bad
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Apr 21, 2018
Another fine use of the English language there mickle.
I think like many on this site that you have missed your vocation in life mate .
Proper good read .??

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Mar 29, 2015
Nice one Chip, Albert im sure is the same as all he does is wind our Gert up, im sure he Knows because when i come home he comes straight to me i kneel down he puts his Paws on my shoulder and we have a cuddle (y) its as if to say "She's bin shouting at me Dad" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: