Devastation of the Lugg at Kingsland


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Aug 26, 2019
Couldn't find mention of this anywhere, so if it's a duplicate I'm sorry

A stretch of the river Lugg has been devasted ( and I don't use that word lightly) in it's northern reaches at Kingsland nera Hereford.

The environment agency and police were called out last weekend after reports of a bulldozer in the river.
The EA and police obviously rushed to the scene several days later to be greeted by this

This was once a tree lined bank with meanders, the river has been straigtened and the gravel bed bulldozed out.

This is what it used to look like


This is looking toward the bridge where the top pic was taken from


It's now emerged that the EA did approve some works to the banks to clear a tree and invasive species, the land owner claims that he did it with the permission of the Parish Council and houseowners and the purpose was to alleviate flooding in the area. He claims that the only trees removed were those washed out of the banks by flooding.

The wildlife trust are saying that this stretch of the Lugg was an SSI, and contained native crayfish, as well as important spawning beds for Wye Salmon.

The Police and EA say they are investigating his claims, but the Parish Council have issued a statement saying that they agreed to the work.

Photo copyright remians with the owners and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust


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Sep 17, 2013
Looks to me, having read the report, that the landowner did only what he thought was necessary. having been asked to clear the bank. It appears the work was deemed necessary to prevent some flooding. Doubtless the bank will recover. But it's good that people are keeping an eye on such work.