Derwent and Shardlow Trent Area

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May 28, 2002
I am fishing a 6 man team event to be held on both rivers. What bait is working on the Trent now adays is it maggot (what colour's best) approach or is it caster and hemp best. As it is usually a long walk I want to limit my tackle to say a float rod, a feeder rod and possibly a pole. Any suggestions?
Last time I fished this event I actually drew a peg which I had successfully pleasure fished some years before, but on the day was biteless for five hours. Angler above me had one gudgeon and angler below dry netted. This was two years ago so please tell me that the river has improved. Do you recommend a light approach ( say .008 or .009 line with 20 hook) or wait it out for one or two bites all day with heavier tackle (say .11) for chub or barble. I used to fish Derby Railway waters a lot in the 80,s and ground bait was usually kiss of death so can I leave it behind.

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