Defenders not doing enough?


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Jul 11, 2018
I tired of so many teams just going through the motions these days. Whats the point in being a defender if you're not prepared to put your body on the line? So many times they block the keepers view, but duck out of the way when the ball comes at them. Surly the point is to stop the ball, not get out fo the way. Then you watch a good team defend and to a man they put their bodies on the line. Even if you're a team at the bottom, some form of professionalism should come first surly?

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May 4, 2009
There is a reason the best defenders end up at the best teams. Or put the other way, the best teams have the best defenders. It's why they are the best.


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Aug 2, 2012
Defending is a lost art nowadays, whether it's down to worries about diving if you do go for it or and more likely, how the game has been affected by fads, fashions and must be a ball players over a 'defender'. Not for me, if goals win games which they do, then there are still plenty of goals to stop, that could be stopped.

My 'favourite' if you like, bad word really because it annoys the hell out of me, but any weekend you watch a slow mo or even real time clip of a goal where the keeper has been beaten, either chipped or rounded and there is one or more defenders already pulling up from the goal line, when in reality they could have got there. That isn't a lack of being able to read things, although that is lacking on occasion too, its just for me, as the op suggests, can't be bothered.

Every Sunday Souness and Keane are bemused and rightly so in a post game discussion as to why 'he hasn't closed him down there' or 'not got a foot in', or he has 'got to get there'. No coincidence that its two old school and proper players saying it either, yes back in the day types, but the game hasn't changed that much that there isn't a need for defenders to be able to defend.

Don't even start me on full backs getting sucked in too central or ones that continually show the player inside.