Decoy pairs

Carp attack

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Sep 22, 2019
Travelled down to decoy satdy for the fishing association pairs match,,
A cracking brecky from sunshine cafe in whittlesey ( although the owner could been abit happier ) set up for the day 😋,,
3 lakes been used, 1 section on yew lake and other section was split over elm & horseshoe,, think there were 18 pairs booked on, I think,,
Onto the draw and yew 7 was my mates draw PANTS! 😂 and Elm 9 for me 🤩 decent draw, talk was it could be tricky so planned on a maggot match with expanders as back up,,
Peg looked nice, now I've fished the strips a fair bit so know roughly the way to go, set up a top kit line on big 8mm expanders over micro, 13m maggot over 4mm and 2 edge swims, short maggot tight in 3ft and a long line to empty pallet of peg 10 corn over micro,,
Started short as can normally get a mug lump, nope, nothing, tryd for 15 mins, not so much as a tremble all day on this line! Strange as its normally worth a few fish, out to 13m tapping 4mm and fishing double & treble dead reds,, didnt have to wait long for a bite and a welcome 5lber an was off the mark,,, rig was a .4 slim float with strung out no10 on 0.19 to a 0.13 bottom 16 gpm, elastic white 13 dura,,, lovely,,
Stopped on this for a while just picking up odd carp & pshyco barble, could feel peg fading and decided to try the short maggot edge in 3ft tight in, again not so much as a dip! Nothing, that was binned off, tryd on and off through the day and nothing,,, back out to 13m and couple more carp were welcome, again it slowed, at this point around 1pm fed the pallet line with 2 pots of micro and bit of corn, saw the bloke opposite in his edge for a carp, he also had few carp long but slowed up,, so into the long edge and carp on 💥, margin rig .4 float bulked with no9 0.21 to 0.19, 12 kiazen, 17 dura,, around 6lb the carp and safly netted straight back in and bang carp on again! Thinking here we go lift off time, 7lb carp in net and out again, nope! Nothing! Couldn't believe it, not another bite all day, so frustrating, back out to 13m and the rest had done it good, started get bites again, not bagging but steady putting carp in net,, looking around it looked as tho the fishing was hard,, so thought just keep at it,, all out and clicker shows 80/90lb,,, lad next door chucks back 40lb and says I've done best on lake but not sure,,, thought lad opposite and further down had caught steady,, now the fun and games of we had NO scales to weigh in!!! The fishery had forgot to drop off the sets 🙈, scrambling around we managed to borrow a set and sling from a clubby,, thanks! 😂,, time to weigh and I drop 142lb on the scales! Oooops! Sorry! That bloody clicker needs re calibrating! 😆
Manage to win the lake and 2nd in section with horseshoe throwing 205lb weight up,, job done,, partner has an absolute shocker! He had 1 f1 and that beat ppl around him for some mega pts on a rock hard Yew lake, all carp had move to the far end, nevermind, we ended up with 10pts and 5th, just outside the frame, bugger, that's fishing for ya,,,
Happy with how I fished tho, best I've fished for a while, never got flustered an felt i made the right decisions at the correct times,, 😁