Dear Marge, what am I doing wrong ?

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Apr 23, 2008
Got a text last week off Steve Peters, match organiser of the Medway Trotters match fishing club,
A loose organisation of fellas around the south east who gather together around 25 times a year to fish various waters around kent and Sussex

I had Pm'd him just before the end of this years winter silvers league asking to be put back on the list of available anglers now that I was free again for the summer season

well, the text read, Chart fishery on sunday, fancy it? (in a nutshell) so readily agreeing, I set to a bit of prep

tying a few heavier gauge pole rigs, dusting down the tip rods, checking feeder reels and lines, modding a few method feeders, banded hairs, heavier hooklengths, switching the box storage around a bit, took up the free time right up until saturday night

sat looking at the checklist, set up, whilst sipping a cider, I decided I was ready ! bring the carping on !

sunday morning sunrise, out with himself, not too warm, fair bit of dew, light cloud, it held the promise of a fine old spring day in Kent, back indoors, hot cup of java and then load the van, holdall was heavy, perhaps the 4 bags of groundbait in there was a slight overkill,

click, whirr, hum, the T4 burst into life, was going to have to drive smart today, use the torque of the engine, as a fix was needed on the gear shift mechanism, the small white plastic ball on the lever arm had popped off last sunday on the way back from the day out on the canal Id had with my brother Geoff, luckily it had fallen onto a engine casing and I had retrieved it and bodged it back on, the garage was booked for tues morn for it to be proper fixed with a new set of 3 bushes and balls, happened to my old van too, the only thing I ever had a a VW van thats not great, a poor design,

donalds for the obligatory,and on up the M20 munching on them, 30 mile later, onto the back roads, the same way I drive to monks fishery, past leeds castle, through the villages and Chart corner soon hoves into view, even smaller backroads lead to the fishery

pulling into the car park, the gathering had some well known faces, meet and greet, alright fellas, some new adherants too, soon I was dressed and loaded the preston wagon, ready for the draw

joining the gathering crowd, 16 anglers today, my name was called, whoo hoo first to draw !, .....wrong, as I had been the last to book on, I was drawbag man for the day, chuckles and the first ribbing of the year

in and out went the hands, hot pegs, cold pegs, chuck and pole pegs, till the vey last counter rested forlournley in the corner of the bag, my home for the day, peg 10 it bore on its face, and guess what, yep, longest walk again !

secretly I was cock a hoop, on the map Steve had done it was right next to the point, an area full of reedbeds, island chucks, margins, a perfect peg.

arriving, saw it had changed a bit since my last time here, the green shoots of the marginal reeds where just pointing thier head out the water the trees had been trimmed a bit, and newer platforms, bark over dirt, trimmed with boards, nice looking and comfortably sized

set up commenced,

4 topkits, two long daiwa BBK loaded with NG black amber core 12-16 hollo laccy, one match kit with NG white hollo 6-10, and the final kit with dark blue microbore 4-8

carpy rigs were both NG XT Finesse power glass stemmed 0.5, 0.14 power micron line, both to a size 18 drennan pellet hook, one with a haired band, one plain

silvers rigs were NG finesse 0.4 glass stemmed, 0.12 line, 0.19 hooklengths, both with drennan silverfish maggot hooks

tip rod was set up with preston free running 15g flatbed method, (centre rib removed) drennan quick bead, drennan size 16 carp pellet hook on a 3 inch 6lb hooklength

making myself comfortable, I wait for the whistle, match was two 3 hour sessions, with a wiegh at half time, (at this moment in time, I still had not grasped the significanse of this ?)

out with the pole pot as the last trill of the refs whistle faded away, 3 full pots of 4mm soaked pellet tipped at 10 and 2 oclock, with 2 more potfulls sprinkled from hieght on the midday line,

had an hour on the maggot, silvers rigs, loose feeding, after the good sized roach that I had netted last time I fished here, gave up, i just could not get through the hordes of eyes and small fish, great in the depths of winter, but no good now,

carpys here I come

shipping out 8mtrs of pole, saw the power finess settle as its bulk and droppers fell through the water, overdepth by an inch, the banded 8mm skretting fullfilling the trap,

sparking up a smoke whist resting the pole over my knees saw the top kit bury under the surface, line rig and pole well under before the hands gained control again, black laccy streaming out towards the island, fish on!

turning the pole and shipping slowly back saw the run stop and the struggle begin, twice I thought I had it beat only for it to bore off into the depths again, 5 minutes I reckon before the net slipped under it, including the "s**t, I need my bigger net" moment

nice looking mirror, golden bronze in colour across the flank and sides, miky white belly, big scales, almost a linear, good looking beast, about 7 to 8lb , nice, big smiles,

switching the landing net head to a 22 inch from the 18, and out again, same result, the pole almost wrenching from my hands, fish on, carbon copy of the previous fight, it surfaced once, bigger beast, then it was gone again, as it ran, I bullied it, more forceful on the side strain, holding the pole high with the topkits length of elastic outstretched, just about to net,.... and it was gone, hook pulled, swear swear and swear a bit more,

that set the pattern of the day, in all I bumped or lost 17 fish, most after playing them for a while, Im pretty sure it was my fault too on most of them, Ive forgotten how to catch carp, there was no problem hooking them, my feeding and rigs were good, presentaion was okay, it was just how to get them in, how do them fellas do it, some seem to have the net under the fish before it wakes up, I wish I knew how ????

2nd from last at the first weigh in, and didnt improve from there, weighing in about 60lb plus, the winner had 297lb, (2 weigh ins, thats the significance lol)

mighty fine day though. with good company and a fine fishery, I can only improve from here

summer time and the fishing is easy, !!!!!
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Oct 25, 2014
Think yourself lucky you're not made to use the fishery's own landing nets Mick as we pleasure anglers are, they are just a tad on the heavy side and after landing 50 carp my arm was about to fall off, ain't been back since.


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Feb 25, 2016
Cracking read Mick![:T]

.....One of my favourite fisheries and situated in a lovely part of Kent.[:)]


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Apr 4, 2008
Good Stuff Chippo

Where on the lake did the winners come from??

Bout time you organised another one on there
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