deaf genie

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Bill G

Dec 26, 2006
A man comes into a bar, orders a beer and takes out of a bag a tiny piano and a 10 inch high man. He puts the man behind the piano and the little man starts playing. People are amazed!
The owner of the bar offers the man free drinks all evening and at closing time he asks: 'I'm sorry, but where did you get him?'
Well, said the man, I found an old oillamp and when I was cleaning it a genie came out and told me that I could make a whish.
O, said the barkeeper, do you still have that lamp? Yes, said the man. Could you bring it tomorrow, asked the barkeeper.
I'll do that, said the man.
Next evening the man brought the lamp, the barkeeper cleaned it up and the genie came out.
You can make a wish, said the genie to the barkeeper.
I wish a million bucks, said the barkeeper.
Right at that moment thousands and thousands of ducks came flying in the bar, ****ting everywhere.
I don't understand, said the barkeeper, I've asked for bucks, not ducks!
Well, said the man, do you really think I've asked for a 10 inch pianist?


Aug 16, 2003
Are you feeling alright Bill?[:0] That was amusing, old, but amusing![:p][:0][:0]
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