Dayhouse Fishery

Mar 10, 2019
After weeks of miserable weather+ working to much,I decided to have a short session yesterday at Dayhouse Fishery in Romsley,Halesowen....

Dayhouse has a choice of two pools.Top pool is the smaller,shallower pool with an island. Bottom pool is much larger and deeper,particularly towards the 'dam end'.. Both pools have similar stocking(bream,roach,carp ,ide etc),but in the bottom pool the carp are much larger( lots of buzzer bars and alarms!).
It's £5 for one rod in the Winter,and as its close to where I live,it was perfect for a quick few hours.
Arrived at 8am,to be met with an strong icy wind,which was a bit of a dampener as it was flat calm at home! I chose to fish bottom pool,as I thought the deeper water would increase my chances...There was already two guys fishing on the opposite side,so I chose a peg towards the deeper dam end by the car park.. Method of choice was groundbait feeder at about 40m,and maggot feeder at 20m..Groundbait was a mix a lots of little bits I had leftover from previous sessions,which in hindsight was probably a mistake( too much feed content I suspect).... Fed two large feeders at 40m,and left it to settle. Went straight on the maggot feeder( a small
),hoping to just get bites from anything that swims.. After a biteless hour,which I tried every bait I had( pinkie,red+white maggot,worm tail,corn skin),I picked up the 40m rod... First cast saw a rattle on the tip,and a micro perch was soon sat sadly in my lap.At least I'd saved the blank!.. The wind seemed to be getting worse,and my interest was waning somewhat. After a further hour,no more bites where forthcoming,so I decided to drop back on the maggot feeder. Within 30secs,the tip flew round and I struck into something hefty! I was convinced I'd hooked a big branch or something similar,as it wasn't moving.. I wound in slowly,and the branch started nodding! After a very brief and listless fight,a beautiful 15lb common carp was struggling to get in my little silverfish landing net..
I'd been there for three hours then,and to be honest I'd enough. However,some of the other anglers thought I was mad as I'd paid for the day( while they were sat shivering in jogging bottoms lol).