Day 2 of the trip to Martins neck o the woods

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Aug 2, 2002
2nd day ( jan 10) fished Ponders Drove Drain
Small drain approx 7 m wide with med flow approx 2 ft deep
Arrived at 1015 to be greeted by a bitter east wind and rain. Sat in car until shower stopped. Made myself comfy on well prepared peg and set up 3 sections of pole with .3g float on .010 main line to 007 hooklength and 20 hook.Started on bronze maggot feeding hemp and maggot
On third trot through latched onto a roach of approx 8oz.Nothing doing for about 15 mins so swap to red maggot which brought another roach of about 4oz. This was the theme for the rest of the day until 3 pm when i packed in ready for the long drive back to S****horpe. i weighed the fish and the total of 15 roach weighed 4lb 14oz, an average of over 5oz per fish.
Could of been better but for the East wind and large 'chop' on the water
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