Dave: update on blaster for dog

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May 25, 2007
Dave again thanks for your help on the amp question I recently asked about.
Just letting you know I have now got the blaster and tried it out and all's well.
Its amazing [:)]I tried it on him and on single speed it blow that thick coat apart and dust went all over the place, then switched to high speed and wow it parted his coat like nothing I've ever seen before and every bit of dust, seeds and any other rubbish he collected vanished.
Today I washed him and washing a Newfie is a task and a half due to his oily coat it takes up to 2 hours to bath and shampoo him and then around half an hour to hose him off.
But it took just 10 mins to dry him off apart from the sensitive areas with the blower. Wow factor 10!!!!
Its a must have item for me[^]

Thanks again for your help

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