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Jun 23, 2018
During the depression thread l started a poem. Well it's finished but the thead is locked so I have started this. No need to comment. You can even lock this one as well if you want.

What is a darkness, no light and no day.
It mucks with your head in an old fashioned way.
Surrounds you with whispers all muffled scary.
Makes your pulse race like very large fairies.
The darkness surrounds us with it no fear.
Just makes life much harder and makes us shed a tear.
It mucks with our life and causes us harm.
It has no reason, but a memory charm.
This darkness is like a very long tunnel.
But draining our life, like a very long funnel.
Can pull on your heartstrings of one's you love most.
While you glide along pathways, like a beachcombing wave.
You get lost in the darkness, but there is no one there.
Can feel like your life is naked and bare.
Feel empty inside and no one can help.
Give yourself pinches and let out a yelp.
But the darknesd surrounds you, you feel this is no hope.
So you shut your eyes for a moment while you try to cope.
For a while all has stopped these things going round.
Make sure your feet are touching the ground.
The tunnel is long and the light is softer.
Like opening a door, but leaving it ajar.
This space is so small and not ready to share.
Just remember one thing, that there's people that care.
They may not understand what your going through.
But those who stand by you are loving and true.