Damn Cat


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Aug 28, 2007
11pm last night and SWMBO and I may have had a sherbet or two...

And the next thing I know the cat (Latin name fattus cattus) has returned through the catflap and is in the kitchen, which is an unusual place for her to linger.

A few minutes later and she's staring intently under the freezer and then sticks her paw under...

Likely conclusion: the damn cat has bought a live mouse back and dropped it in the kitchen.

So... that means clearing out all the stuff at the side and top of the fridge and the freezer, moving the appliances forward so the cat can recapture her prey... and forcing her into the utility... and out into the back... and putting all the stuff back again. Not what I had planned for my Saturday evening.

And to crown it all off, she then eats the mouse in the utility room (with an audible crunching noise) and fifteen minutes later throws up all over her bed.


So anyone want to buy an antisocial cat? Has few redeeming features she's a good mouser, but apart from that she's very unfriendly to the point of being downright vicious (she bit me the other day for no reason, drawing blood in two places on my hand) and sleeps most of the time.

The Landlord

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Jul 26, 2018
Food for thought

My sister bought me that book for Xmas around 40 years ago. It's ace (and I am a cat lover).
On a side note - our two aren't getting any wages this month. Mice have had a field day in our garage. Beds everywhere.