Daiwa Spectron Once again !

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Feb 21, 2003
Probably the most talked about item of tackle this year must be the Daiwa Spectron. Alas, not for all the right reasons.
I have commented many times on different threads concerning this pole, before and after purchasing it.
I was nervous at splashing out for this bit of kit, especially after all the talk of the 6th sections being prone to breakages.

Here I am 4 months on and having to report that my worst fears have been realised.
Back in the heat of July, whilst playing out an 8lb carp on fairly light elastic (Preston black) I was horrified when the 6th section started to collapse in my hands as I exerted side strain to steer the fish away from snags.

It didn't break, but it had split, rendering the pole unusable for the remainder of the match.

I returned the offending section to the shop where it came from expecting a proficient back up.

This was on July 30th. The section is STILL awaiting a returns label from Daiwa. That means I have now had 4 weekends that I have been unable to use it, and still no sight of an end to the problem.

At first I blamed the shop for their inefficiency, and demanded the number direct from them.
I can now see their problem.

The shop had tried 5 times, without success, to get it collected.
I have tried 5 times to get through to customer services - all to no avail. (Until now !!!)

In desperation left my details with their receptionist - they never returned my call either.

Come on Daiwa, I think it's about time we had some answers.

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