daiwa spectron M2

Irish -Angler

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Dec 27, 2005
well i,ve sold my soul and bought a spectron m2 last week. on first inspection the biggest difference between this pole and other daiwa's i,ve had is the finish, it's superb, very smooth almost on a par with shimanos . i bought the standard 16m package . so far i,ve used it twice fishing a river up to 16m for silvers , exactly what i bought it for, and to say it performed brilliantly is an understatement. at 13m it is extremely light and well balanced it just feels so well balanced at 14.5 it's still great and at full length still stiff and easy to use. i elasticated with no.6 and fishing 1.5g floats i took 20lb of roach and hybrids . hitting quick bites from roach was as good at 16m as it was at 13 in fact it was so responsive that at 16m i was hitting some bites to hard . the parallel 4th sections supplied with the pole are interesting. at first i though they were pointless but they are useful for netting larger fish or simply extending the length of the pole and in my view do no harm to the action of the pole. speaking of action , i love it . i removed 40 cm and fitted a preston red external bush ( up to 12 elastic) and on hooking a 1.5 lb hybrid only the top 2 has a bend in it, and not much, so the elastic worked well. i,ll probably never use more than an 8 elastic in it and its rated 12 but this pole is plenty strong . i could go on all day about this pole it really is a dream to use the finish is great ,spare,s aren't mad expensive . only thing i don't get is the lack of no. 4s but the 4s of my tdr fit perfectly . if you are serious about silvers this pole is in my opinion great.