Private Sale Daiwa Procaster EVO 3008a


Barbus Minimus
Site Supporter
May 30, 2019
Refurbished (by me 😁) Daiwa Procaster EVO 3008a

Comes with 2 spools, one has a very slight ding to the spool lip which I've smoothed with scotchbrite so the line doesnt catch, other has a ding to the spool skirt, purely cosmetic and doesn't affect performance.

Reel has a HIP line clip, one touch folding handle, and super smooth carbon drag washers. I've also modified into a Quick Drag like most modern higher end Daiwa feeder reels.

Brand new sexy rubberised Cork handle fitted including proper bearings, so reel is now 6+1 rather than 4+1 bearings, cork handle has better ergonomics than the original.

Reel has also been stripped and re-greased internally. I've yet to do the spools, drag washers will be cleaned and re-greased.

The brass nut under the spool is a bit chewed up, as are some of the screws, looks like someone had a go at servicing it before me 🤷‍♂️ but again, cosmetic and can't really be seen unless you strip it. I might change the brass nut before posting if I can find a spare.

I've not used the reel myself, just bought it for something to do to cure the furlough boredom.

With the current tackle shortages I'm sure this'll make someone happy 😊

£70 + postage and I'll just about get back what I've spent on it 😁

Below image is a placeholder until I can take some better pictures, reel is also without a box.