Daiwa Castizm Feeder Fishing Rods on ebay


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Dec 7, 2017
i was looking at getting one of the models , but was holding out till the bank hols sales for a bit off rrp ,
was on ebay and typed feeder rods and came up with this buyer seller them for £149.99
i put in the 14ft 2inch model and see what price it would say came back with the same price as the 11ft model.
put a 14ft 2inch in basket and gave me an other £18 off as well ,
so i got a 14ft 2inch brand new Daiwa Castizm Feeder Fishing Rods for £131.99 free delivery..
here the link to it if anyone was after a cheap Daiwa Castizm Feeder Fishing Rod..
Daiwa * Brand New * Castizm Feeder Fishing Rods -4 Models available- | eBay