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Apr 21, 2019
Bare with me, this is the first blog I've ever attempted.

So 23rd July was the 3rd memorial of my dad's passing. I wanted to do something to remember him instead of moping around at home. So I floated the idea with a couple of his friends that we have a fishing match. I wasn't sure anyone would be interested and I had only gave myself a few days to organise anything.

Everyone thought it was a good idea. So myself, my son and cousin went to a stretch of the River soar. A favourite stretch of my dad's. The stretch he taught me how to stick float when I was a kid. We cleared pegs, had peg markers made up etc.

Every one I spoke to said they wanted to fish. My grandmother and Aunt offered to make everyone breakfast on the morning of the match like they used to do years ago when my dad would fish regularly matches on the soar.

Saturday morning came. 9 people fished. Everyone caught, the breakfast rolls were lovely. I spent the entire match trotting a stick down that river with my dad's adcock Stanton centre pin using his Shakespeare boron Mach 2. I sat remembering all those happy memories I spent with him over the years on that river.

I managed to have a small trophy made up and engraved "the Felstead memorial open 2021 winner"

I didn't place 1st 2nd or 3rd but it was a win for me. On a day that would of been a sad affair turned out to be a lovely day. Surrounded by my dad's old fishing pals. The banter and listening to old stories about my dad were great. One of the best things for me was I got to share this with my son. It was his first match and it was his first attempt at stick floating. He loved it.

I'm looking forward to the Felstead memorial open 2022. I'll give myself a bit more time to arrange thing for the next one as quite a few people wanted to fish but it was too short notice.



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