Cresta Shot Pliers - thumbs up from me.


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Nov 5, 2018
Found these on eBay when I was comparing prices for the Cresta pole case.
Bought these totally on a whim, I didn't need them as I've been using some small flat ended pliers and they have been fit for purpose. Only thing I didn't like, was they rusted (Drapier, and they have never been out of the house).
What I like about the Cresta ones:
- The pointed bit for shot removal, I've found it to be effective when I'm breaking down rigs (I set up both pole and running line floats on winders).
- They're sprung - My old Drapier ones were also, I found this helps a lot when trying to nip small sizes onto line.
- Comfy handle, looks like they thought about them, with the additional sleeve over the handles, makes them a bit easier to use.
- Haven't rusted yet.
Yes, cheaper options like the dress makers pliers are out there, but I like them.