cracking session at Fisherwick

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bream dream

up the Villa.
Jun 3, 2009
my god it was hot.....i arrived at 9:00am and decided to fish the match lake as there were no matches booked for the day,the chosen peg was 33 on the windward side of the lake.

there were a few fishing but not catching,the carp seamed to have other things on their minds,the water in the margins was being thrashed to a foam all around the lake,so it looked like it was going to be a hard day.

still,i set my stall out for the resident bream witch are very little fished for,the rig was the standard patternoster with a 3lb bottom down to a 16,the swim was preped with 10 feeders full of hemp,micros,corn and maggot.

2 hours into the session and not as much as a tickle,i thought about packing up when the tip sprang to life,just a linner but they were there,1/2 hour later and finnaly the tip edged round and the strike was met with the old thump thump of snotty coming to the net,not a massive beast around 1.5lb,still it was a start.

the sport in the next few hours was excellent,a fish a chuck,even though the temp was well into the high 20's and the surface of the lake was black with bream they kept feeding.





not the best pics i know(sorry still trying to work out the new camera)but still,i finished with 21 bream from 1/2~4lb,so on a very hot non fishy day a good result me thinks,bring on the weekend,and an attempt to learn the pellet wag [:D]
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