Covid for Christmas - Some lessons learned.


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Jun 8, 2020
Getting there slowly pal. Stopped coughing as much which is a big plus. Just wish I could shake this sodding tiredness off. Everything I do leaves me knackered. Missus is coming on leaps and bounds which I’m happy about. She’s had it a lot worse than I have. She tested positive again this morning which she’s not happy about but ( and it is a big but ) the positive line is getting fainter if that’s anything to go by. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks for asking Mark. Appreciate that.

PS ……. My taste and smell never left me but, my allergy towards sweeping brushes hasn’t changed one bit. 🤣🤣
Keep your spirits up after all you're a few days ahead of us two so you are our role models whether you like it or not (y) Just had our first decent nights sleep so feel unstoppable but by the time I get downstairs I'll be knackered too though, of that i'm pretty confident :LOL:

I think the fatigue isn't helped by this sodding weather, I know we have to stay indoors but a bit of blue sky out the window would be nice just once, anything other than rain or drizzle every single flippin' day.