Coutaulds AC Knockout Final, Sheepy, 1/12/2002

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
This was the match we'd all been waiting for!!!
The cup final!!!!!

The contestants were:

in the red corner, Craig '2 wives' Neale, weighing in just slightly heavier than a butchers dog, and ...
in the blue corner, Paul Roberts, weighing in at .... shall we say,quite a bit heavier than that!!!!!

The scene was set, Craig had beaten me in the last 2 Lime Tree matches and I had won the last 2 Courtaulds matches so it was going to be close!! Mind you, you wouldn't have thought he could have tackled-up if you'd have seen the state he was in when he arrived. Talk about being 'pissed' - apparently, his latest 'wife' had dragged him out on Sat night for a few beers ..... until 3o'clock in the morning!! I was tucked up in bed at 11.00pm sober and with no.1 wife!!!

I drew one of the fancied pegs and Craig drew my least favourite 2 pegs away - well within talking distance, it promised to be a noisy contest!! Fortunatley for those pegged close to us the wind and rain got up so we had to put up the 'brollies' therefore, that curtailed any banter! (pour ol' Rose was pegged inbetween us - luckily she's half deaf)

I started off catching one a'chuck for the first hour, just small stuff, but I knew if I kept this up I'd win. Then Craig spawned a skimmer but he was struggling on the small stuff. After a couple of hours I got up and went to see how he was doing - he was playing another skimmer 'Barrymore' style ie arse first!!! " ****" I thought, so I went back and proceeded to lose 2 carp - funny how they choose your light rig set-up to hook themselves on, never the carp rig!!!!

As we entered the last hour I thought I was beating him, especially as my last hour is generally the best. I was 'bagging' on roach, perch and rudd until .......... I looked over at him, and with approx. 2 mins to go he hooked a carp. It went straight into the nearest weedbed and I thought that was that but .... he got it out!!
I thought he'd beaten me in the dying seconds - snatched victory out of his drunken state but then the carp went into another weedbed. This time there was no way out and Craig had to pull for a break!!!

Still there was the formality of the weigh-in, Craig was winning the match until the very last person to weigh and that was me!

There followed a loud 'hooray' as I'd beaten him!!!

The results were:

1st Paul Roberts 4.2.0
2nd Craig Neale 3.7.0
3rd Bette Rowlands 2.14.0
4th Bill Tolley 2.13.0

Turned out to be a cracking final - it could have gone either way. And the two finalists came first and second in the match - they must be good!!!!!!!!!! (one better than the other, though)

Then we were off to celebrate down the pub (as per usual)and to look at the bar maids bosoms - it's got to be done, you know!!!

Well that's it for another year, just got the Christmas match to look forward to (not more beer, aw gone on then!!!!!!)

Better do some work I suppose so .... farewell all!




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Apr 12, 2002
Paul, congratulations, good report and good humour,[:D][:D][:D]



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Aug 11, 2001
Paul your reports are getting better [:)] (unsure about your fishing though)[;)][:)]

Looks like low weights for next weekend.

See you Sunday.



Jul 18, 2002
well done la la god it hurts to praise you but well done
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