coupla funnies

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Aug 11, 2001
A bloke walks into a chemists & asks for a packet of condoms, after he's served he walks out laughing loudly.

The next day he's back & again after being served he walks out laughing loudly.

After two weeks of this the chemist has to know why the fella always leaves laughing so he tells his assistant "the next time he comes in I wat you to follow him & see where he goes to after leaving here"

The assistant agrees & the next day the chap comes in & again he leaves laughing loudly, the assistant looks at the chemist & leaves to follow the chap, ten minutes later the assistant returns laughing.

The chemist looks confused & asks the assistant "well where did he go thats making you luagh so much"?

The assistant manages to stop laughing long enough to say "he goes to your house" [:D]

A woman walks into her local tackle shop & looks at the rod/reel combos, she chooses one & walks over to the counter.

She asks the salesman "how much is this?"
The salesman replies sorry duck i'm blind but if you drop it on the counter i'll hear what it is & tell you the price"

The woman drops the combo on the counter & the chap says " thats a zebco 808 & a shakespere 6ft spinning rod, they are 29:99 for the two"

The woman is very impressed & tells the chap she'll take it, as he walks to the till she realises she needs to break wind & as the guys blind she figures he won't know she's the only one in the shop so lets it go.

When the chap comes back from the till he says "thats 38:97 please"

The woman looks at him & says "i thought you said 29:99??"

"oh i did but that was just for the rod/reel combo, the duck call is 2:99 & the catfish stink bait is 5:99" replied the fella [:D]


ken age 63

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Apr 23, 2003
lol first ones good but second one was on here last week,

Commonsense aint that common,is it?



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Jun 20, 2003
What trogg tells jokes [:D] And KEN I thought you said he didnt have a sence of humour. [:D]


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