Cornfields farm - nr burnley

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Jun 9, 2008
I had a session here yesterday and heres my report.

It wasn't planned but as the day was so nice when i woke up i started sweet talking the missus until she let me go. I finally got on the bank for about 10am and started fishing at 10:30. I set up a rod with feeder on to fish to small centre ireland and 2 pole swims one at 13mtrs and one in margins.

I fed the pole swim and shipped out fishing on soft pellet. No bites in the first 5-10mins but a steady trickle of loose feed was going in. after 10 mins i got my first bite a couple of dips before the float slid away and i had my 1st elastic stretch. A quick fight and my first fish was in the net and lovely 4lb mirror.

The session was up and down from there with switching between the feeder and pole not really producing a lot but the weather was scorching considering the time of year. i was thinking maybe the sun was knocking the fishing off a bit. I had a couple more small carp around the 2lb mark through the day.

The real action kicked off about 5pm when i switch my feeder for a pellt waggler and hair rigged a single 10mm hard pellet.
I was casting up towards the island and withing 10 seconds of the firs cast i was in. This resulted in another small carp in the net about 3lb and was the start of an hour and half of madness where i must have landed easily 30lb of small carp and one beautiful chub about 1lb and half.
The pellet waggler was rarely settled for longer than 30 seconds before i was into another fish.

All in all a good days fishing and i cant wait to get back here when it is upto full form as i know from personal experience that when you can get the fish feeding 150lb bags are available of a mixed bag including carp, tench, chub and barbel.
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Mar 9, 2008
[:T] well done the last time i fished this venue about 5 years ago i fished the pool with the island down the centre a fish a chuck ,only small carp don't think it had been open long.apparently now only the end pegs fish now,freinds fished the big lake and every fish they caught were foul hooked[:0]not one in the mouth .
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