Cornerstone Open... Small Heath

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Larry Teepot

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Aug 14, 2001
Todays Open Match at Small Heath Grand Union Canal

1st Mal Howard 19 0 14
2nd Alex Graham 17 15 4
3rd Chris Rice 14 4 4
4th Tom Grainey 10 14 8
5th Martin Lane 10 5 3
6th Kevin Perry 10 2 14

top 6 weights some hemp fish and some castor fish made the difference here this week some proper fish showed up and were promptly taken advantage of .Lowest weight in the match was 6lb 8 ozs.. skimmers to just over a lb and some nice roach on the hemp what a cracking days sport..most anglers are still catching on punch but its alive with fish just got to find the best way to catch them
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