Cor, that was close.


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Aug 6, 2011
Fished an evening match yesterday on our local club lake. Lovely evening apart from the deluge in the first fifteen minutes. Instantly found a shoal of small Roach and here we go. Also found four hungry jacks..............Anyhoo, one Roach of about three ounces was bitten off but apart from that I managed to avoid all of their slashing attacks by some high speed reeling in. A late Tench added to the tally.
Weigh-in time and no-one had caught anything of significance. "I reckon you've won this" said the nice man to my right as I weighed in exactly five pounds. The scales man got to the last man. Five pounds and one ounce. Aaaargh! If it wasn't for that blasted jack having that one Roach............Still, can't begrudge a second place.
On a plus side the flying display by five or six Daubenton's Bats was spectacular.