Constant Catching On Chilly, Cloudy But Calm Commercial Session


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Mar 10, 2019
Well after no fishing last weekend due to other commitments I was back on the bank today. With it being the bank holiday weekend the club lakes and canal would no doubt be very busy so I stuck with field farm fishery which has hosted most of my sessions recently. Another contributory factor in going there is that the roach had started spawning when I was last there couple weeks ago and if that was still going on down the much more natural club lakes it would potentially leave not a lot left to catch given it’s still not been consistently warm despite it now being summer by some measures. Sure enough today proper sized roach were few and far between with most of those that did show feeling rather empty implying they are either still spawning or in the recovery stage so I think I made the right choice of venue. Weather wise whilst being a bit unseasonably chilly at probably somewhere in the mid teens the skies were a very fishy sort of overcast and there was next to no wind so I was optimistic. What little wind they’d was came from the northeast (hence the chill I guess) so I picked a swim on the east bank a couple down from those I fished a few weeks ago.

With it being not all that warm early on I didn’t fancy an early start so started fishing about 8.55 and packed up about 3.05 having been tempted by dinner down the pub with some mates. Catch wise it was hard to keep up but I more or less kept track of the carp of which I had at least 25 maybe 30 and I’d say I had 5 or 6 silvers for every carp of which just about most were roach with just about most the rest rudd and the rest skimmers. With the absence many decent roach due probably mostly to spawning or spawning recovery the average size of the silvers was probably only a couple ounces but the average size of carp was up a little on previous sessions so I’d say all in I’d probably not been a million miles away from the 100lb mark all in. All in all it was again a shame that not many proper roach showed but that’s just nature in that they spawn back half of april into early May and just generally just harder to catch on such venues when the rudd and carp get more active as it warms up. But it was still a good days fishing with loads of fish caught in almost perfect float fishing conditions and it’s certainly fun scrapping with the carp on light gear as they get increasingly lively as it warms up. They really do go mental in the net now so I hate to think how hard they’re to unhook when people fish for them overgunned.

Tackle wise I did set up a slightly heavier rod in anticipation of carp but I hardly used it given it’s just not really necessary for carp of the stamp there when its still not that warm. As such the vast majority of the fish fell to the usual 13ft drennan acolyte ultra float rod paired with a 2500 shimano sahara RD reel loaded with 3lb maxima to a 1.5g drennan loaded crystal insert waggler to a size 18 to 2lb drennan silverfish hook to nylon set up to about dead depth in about 3ft of water. Hook bait wise single red maggot was most successful followed by double caster then single caster then double maggot then expanders with two lines fed primarily with maggot and one primarily with expanders.

Overall it was definitely another good day l fishing probably as good as could be expected with what the fish and weather were doing. Hopefully next weekend will see is past the roach spawn if not maybe a week early to be fully past the recovery so may brave a more proper venue. Depends what else I’ve got on as any more natural lakes are a bit of a trek, further than the river nevermind to the commercials and canal so want to be fairly sure they have both woken up enough and I have enough time to justify fishing them. Definitely be a change of pace as a even a brilliant day on a pure natural place would be a lot slower than the lunacy of this place! Either way I’ll certainly be out somewhere one day or the other.

Pic of the swim both how it was most of the day and the brief spell of sort of sun plus a selection of roach and carp.