Ended Complete setup acolyte carp pole daiwa 36 seatbox and more

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Dec 23, 2014
Daiwa d36 500 seatbox good used condition 36mm legs all telescopic with sliding footplate removeable cassette under neath has a small dint on one of the sections but doesn't affect the box or the waterproof seal. Will list the setup of drawers when I take pics to add to listing

2x daiwa 2508a reels with spare spool used twice each
1 x Daiwa 3012a reel with spare spool used 3 times

Maver elite 10ft feeder rod
Maver elite 11ft feeder rod
Maver elite 11ft match rod

Drennan acolyte carp pole 13m several sections have wrap repairs comes with dolly butt's and 3 top kits spare 3 and 4 that have repairs perfectly useable as a backup or a spare pole fitted with pole nose bungs

Drennan acolyte carp pole 14.5 with 2 dolly butt's no repairs small dink in number 3 or 4 not noticeable comes with brand new no 3 and 4 from Pro margin range 2 brand new carp top kits, cupping kit and 2 others a margin top kit and a DIY painted white top kit.

Preston 2 wheel shuttle trolley very used and abused hut perfectly functional and reliable

Cresta pole hard case
Browning Xitan bait/cooler bag
Browning Xitan 3 rod feeder bag
Browning Xitan acceasory/roller bag

Used and abused but waterproof Preston flat back brolly

2 x oakwood keepnet one never used
4metre landing net handle
Nufish Eva side tray and net bag
Map double pole roller
Double v roller
Maver top kit Roost
Guru reaper feeder rest
Guru pole sock
Guru butt grip
Nu fish large side tray
Nu fish bait brolly
Nufish brolly arm
Accessory arm to use with top kit Roost
All Preston seatbox accessories are the 36mm and I have some spare inalserts for them to be used on 30 and 25mm I believe it is.
Preston keepnet tool mini accessory bar never been used
Preston feeder arm
Preston double ripple bar
Preston groundbait bowl and hoop
3 x Preston keepnet mount 2 short 1 long
Mass of pole rigs and line including more line to make rigs and shots etc one tray of seatbox full of rigs
3 boxes of hook lengths all branded hooks.

Much more terminal tackle inside the seat box including a heap of feeders

Will only split if there's enough interest in the larger items.

Collection from Arlecdon West Cumbria can arrange to meet at
Carlisle or penrith with prior planning

More pics to follow and any specific pics please request and I'll arrange them

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