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Sep 17, 2013
For those of you who read my blog commercialmatchman.blogspot,com regularly - I've not been for about three weeks. I've got a new van, complete with ramp so I can load and unload my trolley (now motorised) while it's loaded with box, holdall, etc. I've been practising doing this, and working out where everything has to go. It should save me time and effort before and after the matches.

And to be honest, the mud at some of my local venues has put me off - (not Pidley, because there's virtually no mud there); but the weather has also put a damper on things. So although I may go before then, March 9 is my first Spratts match. I'm particularly looking forward to the Vets National this year as it's on my local Decoy. Had some good results the last few years in that match - 2 AT medals, several section wins, and a seventh overall, plus a tenth.